Betty Hu

Betty Hu

It has been an incredibly fun and educational experience designing and resetting a ring into a diamond-emerald multiway detachable necklace with Saki. I absolutely loved how professional, knowledgeable, and helpful Saki was at every step of this little design project. 

I went to Saki with a goal of creating a multiway necklace with 2-3 stones and a few rough design concepts in mind. Saki patiently brainstormed with me, and she shared her expert knowledge in the nature of gemstones and viability of the multi-way mechanisms, which was tremendously helpful in finalizing a beautiful design with a sound mechanism that is secure to

detach and reattach. Saki then helped me source the perfect green emerald to pair with my cushion cut diamond. She was super efficient in organising almost a dozen emeralds for me to choose from, and I learned so much about emeralds during that session. Roughly a month later, I was already parading my new diamond-emerald multiway necklace to all of my friends! 

This is definitely the most fun and exciting diamond experience I have ever had, and can’t wait to create more beautiful pieces with Saki.

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