Sakura Jewellery is passionate about natural diamonds, and we truly believe they are a treasure from our earth. Their unique formation billions of years ago and nearly 200km below the earth’s surface under extreme heat and pressure, is truly something remarkable to behold. The romance and history behind each diamond, is what still captivates buyers to this day!

We also understand that each client has a unique set of priorities and whether they may be motivated by sustainability, humanitarian reasons, budget requirements or a simple preference, we pride ourselves on being able to offer all options to tailor the experience to our client.

Lab grown diamonds are a relatively new concept that are gaining momentum. They are unique in that while they are created in a lab, their chemical composition is identical to a natural diamond- 100% crystalised carbon, with the exact same optical and physical characteristics that create that signature sparkle and brilliance.

So what are lab grown diamonds?

There are two main types that you need to know about, that are most frequently seen in the market

  • (Left) Labgrown CVD diamond, (Middle) Lab grown HPHT diamond, (Right) Natural Diamond rough

  • HPHT Lab grown diamonds

    Formed in a high pressure and high temperature environment, these diamonds are created in a method that closely resembles the environment most favorable for the production of natural mined diamonds. HPHT Lab grown diamonds are currently the preferred process for the mass-production of diamond crystals.

  • CVD Lab grown diamonds

    Formed in a hydrocarbon gas mixture using the chemical vapour deposition method, this method is considered to be the more suitable choice for industrial applications, flexibility, and ultimately a more straightforward lab process. This method is gaining popularity and allows for greater control over the chemical impurities during the growth process.

Is a lab grown diamond for me?

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