- Engagement Ring
    - Wedding Bands
    - Custom Bezel Tennis Bracelet set with Amethyst, Emerald, and Tourmaline

  • Saki is a joy to work with! She has customised four pieces for me over the past few years. My first was my wife's engagement ring, which exceeded my expectations beyond what I could have hoped for. My wife was blown away, and still believes no one else's ring can compare to hers. Saki is a true artist and professional who cares about you and the quality of the product she provides. She has created my wife's wedding band, my own wedding band, and my wife's push-present celebrating the birth of our baby girl. All came with very different requirements, but I needed guidance from Saki since I honestly don't know anything about jewellery. She walked me through every step and provided multiple suggestions based on my needs and wants. It was always really hard to choose because each option was incredible. I will continue going to Saki for every piece of bespoke jewellery I'll need for the rest of my life because I know I'm guaranteed something special and unique every time.


    - Engagement ring
    - Blue Sapphire Cocktail Ring

  • When you work with Saki, you are not just buying jewelry but entering a journey of making that piece part of you.  I did not know exactly what I wanted, but through Saki's patience in listening to my story and preferences, she was able to articulate my intentions into the pieces she remodeled and created for me. She is also flexible in working with different budgets but also provides honest and transparent feedback on what can/cannot be done as well as value for money. I would highly recommend Saki especially if you know what you don't want but can't say what you want!


    - Wedding Bands

    - Pendant

    - Christmas Earrings

  • I initially worked with Saki to organize an engagement ring for my wife. Since then, I have worked with Saki on the wedding bands, as well as earrings and a necklace as gifts.

    I have always been impressed by her ability to guide me (who knows nothing about jewellery) through the process, take into account what I would like and make recommendations around that based on her expertise. Saki has never steered me wrong and the recommendations and results have always been stellar. The process with her does not feel overwhelming nor has it ever required me to have previous knowledge. In contrast, my initial attempts to find an engagement ring at the luxury maisons were frustrating as it was evident that there was no consideration given to educating me on the process, and more interest in having me purchase something out of the cabinet. Very glad that the entire experience was turned around through working with Saki instead. 

    I highly recommend her services for anything jewellery related, and rest assured I will be making future requests.


    - Engagement Ring

    - Wedding Band

    - Diamond Halo Pendant

  • From conception to delivery, Saki takes great care to capture the story behind each piece and the personality of the wearer. In the case of my engagement ring, Saki expertly guided my husband in striking a balance between classic and modern styles to respect the stone while framing it with a design that suited me. She subsequently made a complementary wedding band that can also stand alone, demonstrating her sense for versatility and quality.

    The third bespoke item from Saki is among my most precious and could only be entrusted to her. She was honest and transparent in how to reimagine two pieces from my late grandmother, which resulted in a halo pendant that is delicate yet sturdy enough for daily wear. 

    Throughout each experience, Saki’s passion for her craft and regard for the wearer shone through. She’s the one to turn to for a professional - and fun! - journey


    - Engagement Ring

  • Saki was a godsend when we had our engagement ring made. Due to covid restrictions, we had an extremely tight timeline and were completely overwhelmed. She took our brief and budget and was able to craft and deliver a stunning ring beyond our expectations in just a couple weeks.

    She made the daunting task of buying a virtual engagement ring so seamless for us, and was a pleasure to deal with. We cannot recommend her highly enough!

  • BETTY H.

    - 3-way Convertible Diamond and Green Emerald Pendant

  • It has been an incredibly fun and educational experience designing and resetting a ring into a diamond-emerald multiway detachable necklace with Saki. I absolutely loved how professional, knowledgeable, and helpful Saki was at every step of this little design project.

    I went to Saki with a goal of creating a multiway necklace with 2-3 stones and a few rough design concepts in mind. Saki patiently brainstormed with me, and she shared her expert knowledge in the nature of gemstones and viability of the multi-way mechanisms, which was tremendously helpful in finalizing a beautiful design with a sound mechanism that is secure to detach and reattach. Saki then helped me source the perfect green emerald to pair with my cushion cut diamond. She was super efficient in organising almost a dozen emeralds for me to choose from, and I learned so much about emeralds during that session. Roughly a month later, I was already parading my new diamond-emerald multiway necklace to all of my friends! 

    This is definitely the most fun and exciting diamond experience I have ever had, and can’t wait to create more beautiful pieces with Saki.

  • YURIE D.

    - Rose Gold Mixed-cut Diamond shard bracelet

    - 30pt Diamond Hoop Earrings

  • Saki has designed several pieces of jewellery for me, and I would like to say what a pleasure it is to work with her. She is creative, knowledgeable, professional and always delivers the most beautiful pieces. She is so passionate in her craft and it truly reflects in the outcome of the piece. I know I can rely and trust her completely for whatever it is I need!

  • KATIE P.

    - Custom-cut Blue Sapphire Halo ring
    - London Blue Topaz Ring Remodel

  • I was gifted my late grandmother’s engagement ring and genuinely think it is one of the most precious things I own. However, due to the delicate nature of the band, it had become misshapen and was not able to be restored without damaging the band. I therefore wanted to use the opportunity to remodel the ring to something more modern whilst using the original diamond and adding some new features. I consulted with Saki who gave me many different options to start to think through. With her guidance, I eventually decided on creating a Custom Sapphire halo to surround the Diamond, with a special setting incorporating a petal design with small diamonds.

    As my Grandmother’s name was Lily, this detail felt particularly special.

    I love the final product and have not taken it off since Saki revealed it to me! I know my Grandmother would also love it and and as an added touch, Saki also procured a gorgeous London topaz to put in the original setting, as this is both of our birthstone. It feels so special to have created these two pieces together.

    Saki is a pleasure to work with and I can’t wait for the opportunity to create more treasured pieces in the future.


    - Engagement Ring

    - Wedding Band

  • Saki was a pleasure to work with on my wife’s engagement and wedding rings. She was very friendly, easy to deal with, and patient. She clearly knows her stuff, and was detailed and helpful in choosing a stone and designing the ring. You can tell she cares about the jewellery she makes, and wanted to ensure that we were happy all throughout. She took the time to educate us on the diamond buying process and what to look for in the stones, which we really valued. I really appreciated her honest feedback and views. She was also able to work within tight timeframes, and was always really responsive. I would highly recommend Saki, and my wife was delighted with the two rings we designed and created with her. We have already recommended her to two of our friends who were also delighted with the service and rings she made for them.

  • AIDEN F.

    - Engagement Ring

  • I first met Saki and her team at Sakura Jewellery through a friend’s recommendation. Saki has created what we think is the most beautiful engagement ring that fits the exact brief of what we were looking for. From start to finish, the whole process was made effortless; picking the most amazing diamond, then designing the beautiful one of a kind ring that was created in the end was a flawless process. We will definitely be using Sakura Jewellery when the time comes to create our wedding bands.


    - 5pt Diamond Tennis Bracelet w/ Central 1.50ct Oval
    - Yellow Gold Green Emerald Bezel Tennis Bracelet

  • I collaborated with Sakura on 2 jewellery pieces so far, and they both far exceeded my expectations. I explained my general idea and she was able to materialise it, and give me the best design options for that concept and for the longevity of the pieces. Great advice and top materials- if you want quality-made pieces, this is the place to go.


    - Purple spinel Cocktail Ring

    - Grey Cushion Spinel Cocktail Ring

    - Round Brilliant diamond stud earrings

    - Custom Pendant and morganite earrings

  • I started getting into customized jewellery in the last few years and during my discovery phase, I had the opportunity to work with a number of jewellers in Hong Kong. Sakura has by far exceeded my expectations in both quality and service. You can really feel the difference in metal weight, the finish, and overall look compared with other specialists.  Her pricing is competitive and the craftsmanship is unparalleled. I would highly recommend working with Sakura who listens and understands exactly what you’re looking for when creating your next piece!


    - Engagement Ring

    - Wedding Bands

    - Gypsy Set Cocktail Ring

  • I am completely overwhelmed by how incredible my rings are. Thank you so much to Saki for helping to create the most stunning wedding anniversary ring - I cannot stop looking at it! I am truly the luckiest girl in the world and cannot thank her enough. My husband decided on a classic gold matte band and it is just perfect. Saki even fixed my engagement ring band; I was sad it was broken and the diamond was almost lost, she knew exactly what to do and she fixed the problem just wonderfully! I wear the rings every day, and I look at them every second of the day and it always reminds me how amazing she is at what she does! If you are planning to get a ring for yourself girl… just contact her!!! Or send this link to your future husband for great ideas and you will be surprised at what she can create ❤️Outstanding and responsive customer service. A truly MEMORABLE experience. Thank You so much for your awesome care in details and quality, I was very pleased with the way that my engagement and wedding rings came out. The rings are even better than I could have ever hoped for!

  • ETHAN S.

    - Men's Engagement Ring

    - Wedding Bands

  • Saki was an absolute joy to work with. She instantly understood what I wanted, and gave me design suggestions that made the engagement ring look even better. I received photos and updates when the ring was being made, and she always replied timely to any of my questions or ideas. Top notch bespoke jewelry!

  • EVI T.

    - Sky Blue Topaz Drop Earrings
    - Pink Sapphire Cherry Blossom Earrings

  • I have known Saki for nearly 5 years.  Our relationship started when I was searching for a jeweller in Hong Kong to make a bespoke engagement ring.  I managed to reach out to Saki and after speaking with her, decided to engage her services.  It was a wonderful experience working with Saki throughout. We exchanged ideas through e-mails and short messaging, and in the course of our collaboration, I was impressed with her professionalism and attention to details.  

    Since then, we have worked on a few more design projects together, and throughout these interactions, I can vouch for Saki’s integrity and trustworthiness. I fully support Saki in her future endeavours!

  • YAW A.

    - Engagement Ring

  • I was referred to Saki by a friend after searching many stores and getting confused with all the options. Saki made it really easy and explained how to choose the right diamond for my budget. It was amazing the level of quality, and value for money, that I could receive through Saki compared to the other jewellers. Saki was very professional and kept me up to date throughout the whole process. The ring is as stunning as she said it would be, and the ring box is also out of this world! I will be recommending to all, who are on the search for quality diamond rings in the future!


    - Engagement Ring

  • My now wife and I had been dating for 4 years before I mustered up the courage to ask for her hand in marriage. I thought I knew everything about her, but when it came to what she was looking for in an engagement ring, I was clueless. Luckily Sakura helped ease all my anxiety. She started by walking me through all the options and the designs she thought my Wife would love. Being that we reside in Long Beach, California, excellent communication was a must and Sakura went above and beyond keeping me up-to-date throughout the ring customization process. The process was quick and the ring arrived in no time. When I finally got down on one knee and proposed to Annie at Dolores Park in San Francisco, she couldn’t take her eyes off her beautiful blue sapphire. Since then I have recommended Sakura to all of my friends and family! 10 out of 10 experience.


    - Colombian Green Emerald Cocktail Ring
    - Fancy-yellow diamond pendant remodel

  • Saki has been the greatest help to me for many years to make customized diamond jewellery, so I knew exactly who I needed to talk to when I wanted to get a Colombian emerald ring. There are tons of images on the web, however I couldn't find a ring design that resonated with me. Saki not only helped me design the perfect ring, but also educated me all about green emerald’s, and what made each option unique or special. Her thorough experience and knowledge, combined with a cheerful personality, made the whole process really pleasant and I truly love what we created together!

  • JOY I.

    - 18K Yellow Gold 2-stone Blue and White Diamond ring

  • Sakura is an absolute pleasure to work with. I had a heart-shaped diamond ring that my mother gave me when I graduated but never wore it because the design didn't suit me. I wanted a new design for the ring. I had the idea of creating a two-stone ring and Sakura helped me through the entire process. With my goal in mind, she sourced a few different stones for me. We decided to use a blue diamond with an emerald cut, bezel set the two stones together on a thick yellow-gold band. I absolutely love my new ring! It is one of my favorite pieces to wear for any occasion and I've gotten so many compliments on it. 

    Sakura was professional and communicative. It was such a fun experience, I can't wait to design more jewelry with Sakura again.

  • AZURA S.

    - Pear Diamond Solitaire Pendant

    - Heart Diamond Tennis Bracelet

    - Rose Gold Diamond Bangle and earrings

  • Saki has been crafting the most exquisite jewellery for me over the past few years now and there is no one better. She puts so much thought and care into each individual piece and it always turns out even more beautiful than expected. I really can't recommend her enough!


    - Engagement Ring

  • I was blown away by Saki’s creativity and  craftsmanship to bring my vision for the perfect engagement ring to life. She helped guide me through the entire process from refining my original design ideas and proposing new features, to selecting the perfect diamond within my budget, and finally putting it all together and delivering right on time. I can’t recommend her enough!

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