Katie Potter

Katie Potter

I was gifted my late grandmother’s engagement ring and genuinely think it is one of the most precious things I own. However, due to the delicate nature of the band, it had become misshapen and was not able to be restored without damaging the band. I therefore wanted to use the opportunity to remodel the ring to something more modern whilst using the original diamond and adding some

new features. I consulted with Saki who gave me many different options to start to think through. With her guidance, I eventually decided on creating a

Custom Sapphire halo to surround the Diamond, with a special setting incorporating a petal design with small diamonds.

As my Grandmother’s name was Lily, this detail felt particularly special.

I love the final product and have not taken it off since Saki revealed it to me! I know my Grandmother would also love it and and as an added touch, Saki also procured a gorgeous London topaz to put in the original setting, as this is both of our birthstone. It feels so special to have created these two pieces together.

Saki is a pleasure to work with and I can’t wait for the opportunity to create more treasured pieces in the future.

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